Steam Bath (वाष्प स्नान – स्टिम वाथ)

It is very effective for people who have skin problem. It helps in taking out toxin from the body and helps in circulation of blood .It is also effective for obesity related problems, physical pain and helps in relaxation of body.

यस किसिमको वाष्प स्नानले छालाको माध्यमबाट शरीरका विकारहरु ९त्यहष्ल० बाहिर निकाली रक्तसञ्चारको गतिलाई सन्तुलित बनाउछ । यसले शारीरिक दुखाईहरु कम गरिनुका साथै शरीरलाई हलुका बनाउँछ ।

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